Love: Love Is Confusing

Love. That word alone invokes so many reactions. For some of you, the word may make you so nauseous that you are holding your stomach about to barf. For others, just the sight of the word gives you that warm bubbly feeling. And lastly, there are some that couldn’t care less about it:  y’all the cold-hearted ones, yeah I said it.

Love is  such a powerful, yet confusing word. Like seriously, look it up, there are like nine definitions: But, I digress.

   So, what really is this thing called love? Well, in my opinion, it’s this thing that turns you into some happy-go-lucky idiot. Like seriously, it separates you from logic and common sense and turns you into someone you didn’t know was there. Well, at least when you are applying love into a person you want to have a future with. We aren’t talking about the love you have for your dog, or your mother, or your favorite shirt; unless you want to date those things, and if you do stop reading this immediately and get some help. No, we are talking about that love you have for that “special someone” in your life. I mean that is the point of this blog, relationships.

  I have seen the meanest women, who smiles for no one, faces light up after receiving a text from her “boo thang”.  Hell, my ex is probably the meanest person I know, no shade, but when she was around me you honestly couldn’t tell. I’ve seen my guy friends turn into completely different people, sometimes for the better and sadly, sometimes for the worse. It can really change people and the scariest part of it is that often you’re so deep in your feelings that you’re completely blind the change. Then when that bubble pops and you descend from grace, you’re flat on your ass, left to ponder who was that person the whole time? That was me? That was Xavier?! The worse part about love is that there is levels to it. The higher the level, the less common sense you seem to have. For simplicity’s sake, I will call the next level “In Love”.

   In this state,  you’re pretty much in lala land. Hell I don’t even know the exact time I actually fell in love. I might have fallen that one summer, years ago, when I found myself walking over an hour just to spend time with my now ex-girlfriend.   Oh, and it was that time of the month for that her so, I wasn’t getting any. I remember thinking “Yeah Xavier, you wouldn’t do this for anyone else. Who the hell are you?”  Why was I walking? Ehh, that’s not important. But that Vanessa Carlton  song,  A Thousand Miles really rang true that day. When you’re in love, things just don’t make sense, but you make them make sense.  And in the end, that’s all that matters to you.

   I have seen the smartest girls and guys- and I’d like to think I’m a pretty intelligent guy myself- turn into an idiot once they’ve fallen in love. Hey, don’t get me wrong; I think falling in love is a beautiful thing, but it comes with its side effects. I’ve seen people make horrible decisions out of love, some life altering. Now, am I saying you shouldn’t be in love? Is Xavier telling all of his readers that being in love is bad? Nah. But, I really think there should be a warning label attached to it: “WARNING WILL CAUSE ANXIETY, OVERTHINKING, BAD DECISIONS, AND INTENSE EMOTIONAL PAIN”

That’s all i’m saying.

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