Is it Love or is it Obsession?

Ok ok, last post I talked bout that thing called love. Well would if I told you there is something kinda similar. Yes the knock off brand, the imposter, the fake, the….well I think you get the point. But what is it you ask? Well i’m sure you all read the title so you probably just want me to get to the point… fine.

    Obsession, have you really wanted something so bad and you would do anything to get it. Maybe because someone else had it. Maybe because you just wanted to prove to yourself that you could get it. Maybe you were bored and had nothing better to do but once you got what you wanted you kinda didn’t want it anymore and discarded it. Like that cold ginger ale you been craving all day and you finally get it take two sips and then throw it away cause you’re supposed to be on a diet….just me?…alrighty then. 

   Its easy to confuse the two, sometimes you don’t even know yourself what it is and sometimes you can think someone has strong feelings for you and its just pure obsession and the scary part is sometimes you don’t know until you’re actually invested in the person and/or that person moves on to the next person but what are the differences between the two?

    Well in my experience if I love someone there is usually a reason, maybe her personality, her smile, the way she carries herself, but best believe I have a reason. When I’m obsessed I don’t really have one, and if I do its not really a good one, I don’t know why I wanted that ginger ale, hell I just wanted it and made it my mission to get one. Seriously ladies if you ask a guy why he loves you and he gives you a dumb reason or is like “duuuuhh I don’t know I just do” chances are he is just obsessed and probably doesn’t even know it. Now I’m not saying its either one or the other, hell you can love someone and still be obsessed with them. It is a very scary sight trust me, I’ve seen friends go through it, but in most cases it is one or the other and like I said sometimes you don’t even know, you think you actually like that person. 

   There are some guys that mess with a woman and once he has sex with her he realize he was obsessed from what he could get from her and really don’t like her and falls back. Do I condone this type of behavior, not at all. However there are woman who are obsessed with a guy maybe he is good looking, successful etc. They text they little emojis and stuff and once they make it official or once they about to, she realizes she don’t love him or want him. She just wanted to see if she could get him and she falls back and he feels like he was led on. Do I condone that? Hell no but its life I guess. 

   Remember when I told you that love turns you into a happy go lucky idiot? Well obsession turns you into an angry borderline psychopath, you look for the person to respond every second, you blowing they phone up. They are all you can think about. You wake up in the morning the only thing you think about is how you can get them. Your whole plan for the day revolves around them. Sounds like love at first right but then it gets crazier and if you don’t get it you go crazy. 

  When you love someone and you get rejected you usually get sad. When you are obsessed and you get rejected you get pissed off, probably going on rants and such. Learning these little differences can save you from hurting someone or getting hurt. Trust me….don’t be that ginger ale.

3 thoughts on “Is it Love or is it Obsession?

  1. Hit the point right on the head i was in love and obsession so thats definitely the ultimate disaster waiting to happen i knew why i loved her why i wanted her i wanted to make her happy and then switched texting her all day barely sleeping waiting for her to call waiting to see her it drives u crazy n completely unhealthy i dropped weight n i clearly lost sight of why i loved her n i jus ended up wanting her it gets that way but now in order to get that love back or even find a new love i have to get myself together more focused more driven so i dont make the same mistakes as before love is a drug a poetic symphony that takes u on a high u get used to obsession is a craving u need u want u desire n destroy anything to get ive destroyed myself for it and now im picking it up and fixing it cant love anyone else if i dont love myself

  2. You know this is sooo true! I have encountered my fair share of angry obsessed guys and it can be borderline scary! It’s also verrryyy annoying!

    I think what you said is key; a person may not even know they have obsessive tendencies until someone decides to end the relationship. I guess you never can tell with these things so i guess it’s best to take your time before you rush into love… But that’s not easy lol!

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