Labels: Are labels overated?

Alright I talked about love a little bit, but its time to get to the good stuff, its time for some controversy. There is the talking stage that I personally hate and one day I will explain why but after that talking stage you and that “special someone” usually gets a label. A label basically means you and the person are officially together. I will explain it a little better later but I will talk about it for a little bit. 
   Some people care deeply for a label, some people don’t care for it at all. I see some people act more like a couple with out a “label” than people with one. I’ve seen people work extremely hard just to get this label, just to be official. Why are labels so important?  Labels honestly in my humble opinion have no power. They don’t stop you from cheating, it doesn’t make the other person love you. It doesn’t make the other person change. Now I’m not saying they are meaningless or that they hold no valuable. It actually holds a lot of value. 

   Having a label basically is you and the person letting EVERYONE know you are together. Now here is the controversy, here is the ugly truth, most of the time if you are talking to someone for some time, and they are reluctant to have that label they usually don’t want every one to know you are a couple. They could have someone else they are  talking to and not ready to let go of them or make a decision. They could be embarrassed of you, maybe you are not physically attractive or cool or popular or swimming in a pool of cash. They may like you but might be worried of what friends or family might think but of course he or she won’t say all that, they will say simply “I’m just not ready for a relationship”. 

   I’ve had that line used on me multiple times, we’re doing everything couples do. Cuddling, holding hands, On the phone all night, all that good stuff but when you ask about a relationship you get the I’m not ready line. Then y’all stop talking and she is dating someone else shortly later and hey this isn’t me attacking woman I am no white knight. I’ve have played the I’m not ready card as well. Why? I was talking to three woman, I was not ready to let go of the other two. I knew if I posted her on fb I would get eaten alive by the other two. I’d lose them, how would I know I was making the right choice? How would I know she was the right choice. Would if one of the other two was the right choice. I didn’t know but I could not let go. 

  Do you want to know what happened? She eventually moved on to someone else and the other two, let’s just say they hit me with the I’m not ready for a relationship line too when I finally decided to make my mind up. Maybe I took to long to ask them or maybe they never intended for a label at all, I’ll never know. Do you think labels are overrated? I would love to hear your thoughts

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    1. I actually feel honored to have you comment on my blog lol, and exactly you echo everything I feel.

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