Honesty Is Key!

Honesty honesty…honestly I don’t even know where to start. This could possibly be the most important part of a relationship. Honesty leads to trust and without trust you got nothing. Well actually you do have something. You have a giant problem on your hands. Imagine waking up to someone who knows everything about you. Tells you everything will be all right and that they will always be there and love you but is a known killer, scammer and thief. Scary right? That’s basically a relationship without trust. Now if you actually are laying with someone like that. I am not throwing shade this a no judgment zone. However this is an opinion zone and I think its important that you change your taste in a partner.

Ok moving on, Honesty is a major key. Even the little white lies add up after awhile. Like seriously woman remember everything. For my guy readers DON’T ever forget that. I had a girlfriend where she could honestly remember conversations from years ago that we had and if I said anything contradicting to what I told her, she would either remind me word from word what i said or send a screenshot. (Fuck screenshots btw) But things like that can slowly deteriorate a healthy relationship. The little things can really become big problems especially when you are dealing with a habitual liar. And I haven’t even gotten to the big lies yet.
One thing about being honest, is if you aren’t honest later on down the line its harder for your partner to trust you and there is some trust that you cannot get back no matter what you do and the quickest way to get to that point is with the big lies. Now i know some of you are like but Xavier a lie is a lie no matter how big! I agree with you all but those big lies is what kills a relationship.

Remember the first paragraph when I referenced laying with a known killer or thief? Well imagine he says he is a businessman or woman or whatever and five years later he/she admits he/she smuggled cocaine. Are you gonna trust that person the same again probably not. You don’t want to be that person and have the one you love never being able to trust you ever again. Its honestly not worth it in the long run cause the relationship will NEVER be the same and building even half that trust back will be like pulling teeth. I really feel if people were a lot more honest with the people they love it would eliminate so many problems.

Am I saying you can never lie, nahh everyone tells their little white lies and if you’re reading this saying I never lied….guess what? You just lied. Like, subscribe, and comment if you love the content and remember honesty is key!(Ik, that was cheesy)

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