Is Communication The Most Important Part of a Relationship?

Remember when I said honesty was the most important part of a relationship…….well ironically I wasn’t being completely honest myself. If honesty is a major key then communication has to be the lock or the keyhole. 

   I never knew how important this thing was, in my little teenage years my idea of communication was basically sex. If there was a problem in the relationship that was pretty much the answer. She wants to talk? Fuck it let’s have sex. She got an attitude? Fuck it let’s have sex. She had a bad day? Fuck it let’s have sex, She got something in her eye? Fuck it let’s have sex. Then as I got a little older my idea of communication was eating take out and nodding my head while I watched her lips move, you know typical guy stuff. Now I’m not saying I completely tuned them out, I’m a pretty good listener but I didn’t understand that communication is more than just listening.

   Its also how you respond, giving feedback letting the other person you know you understand and also acting on what the other person is saying. If your lady is like Bae, Babe, sugar muffin or whatever she calls you and tells you she has a problem with you watching TV or playing the game when you get in and not listening to her, don’t say okay and keep playing. Stop and actually listen and talk to her and vice versa for woman as well.

   Do you want to know why I think communication is so important though? There are so many situations and arguments that could be avoided if and your partner just sit down and talk…… crazy right?? I feel as though nowadays its so many distractions. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter people are more into they phones then the person right in front of them. I’ve had situations where I’d be having arguments with an ex through text and she would be in the other room and I’d have to put down the phone and actually have to come to talk to her. 

   Honesty and Communication comes hand and hand you have to have both to have a healthy relationship and not just a healthy relationship with your significant other but also with friends and family. I personally feel as though as we have gotten closer through social media at the same time we fallen apart as a society and we have to change that. Like, Subscribe and share. Have an awesome day and remember love Is Confusing.

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