Cheating: What exactly is Cheating?

I think its safe to say that everyone has either cheated or been cheated on at some point in time in a relationship. Now I know there are some people like “but but Xavier I have neither cheated or been cheated on!!”….That’s great you want a cookie or maybe a gold star? But in all seriousness that’s very impressive but for all of the other 90% of people this post is for them.

    Now I’m not going bore you with why cheating is bad. We are all adults we should be smart enough to know that. I’m not here to bash cheaters because karma is a you-know-what and they eventually get theirs…hopefully. But there is something I have realized over time dealing with different people and observing different couples. Alot of people have different definitions of what cheating actually is.

   Cheating to some people can be as simple as me being stuck in a gaze as a attractive woman strolls past me while I’m walking with my lady. Cheating can be a girl going out to eat with her innocent highschool friend that’s “totally” not into her. In this social media driven world you can actually cheat on your partner for not posting them up on FB, Instagram or whatever social media platform that’s out there or liking someone else’s picture or status ugh this generation.

   However what surprises me isn’t the things that some people consider cheating. Its more so the things that some people don’t consider cheating. Some people don’t consider flirting cheating and I’m not talking bout the basic flirting nahh I’m talking about the “what I’m going do when I see you” kind of flirting. In some cases I’ve heard that kissing, ass smacking etc. isn’t actually cheating at all. 

   Hell I have even heard the extremes like “if it isn’t penetration it isn’t cheating.” Now I’m not here to judge people but I’m sure most people would not agree with those but everyone has their own opinions including yours truly so I will explain what my definition of cheating is.
   Personally I think when it comes to cheating its not really what you do its how you do it or the context in which you do it. Now first let me say that sex, any kind of sex is cheating, Oral, Anal idc if he just ate the groceries its still cheating! Ok I think this post got more raw than it was supposed to but moving on.

    If she has male friends that’s no problem especially if they been friends forever but if he starts coming at her I expect her to put him in his place. Looking at someone else suductively in front of your significant other I don’t think is cheating but its rude and disrespect. “Sexting” I see as cheating but flirting honestly just depends on what you and the person is talking about. 

    Do I support flirting no I think its rude as well. But its a lot of people that casually flirt without even knowing their doing it. Hugging and kissing and anything physical that’s not sex it really just depends. There are different kind of hugs. The friendly hugs and the more “sensual” hugs. Kisses on the cheek is fine I guess but lip on lip that’s cheating and pretty much an automatic fist fight with the guy. 

   Everyone has different opinions of what cheating is and before two people even get together that should definitely be a conversation that you should be having. Some couples are more strict some are more loose. I would really like to know what your opinion is. What is cheating to you? Like Subscribe, and comment below. Have a great day and remember Love Is Confusing.

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