Love vs Lust

  Before I start I have to give a shout out to my friend Kimberly who gave me the idea for this post. Thanks for the support!

This may have a similar feel to my other post “Love Vs. Obsession” if you haven’t read it you should it…NOW! We’ll wait for you………..ok now what is Lust? According to webster Lust is an “intense or unbridled sexual desire.” 
Basically what that means is that you desire someone sexually. Now people sometimes confuse lusting after someone to loving them. Now in my opinion being obsessed with some is a lot more easy to be confused with love than simply lusting after them but I can see how it can happen. 

   The way I look at it though is when you love someone and I’m talking bout love in a relationship aspect you usually lust after them it comes with it, well at least I think it should. However just because you lust after someone doesn’t mean you love them and I think people sometimes don’t realize that. 

   For example for the females do you love drake? Do you love Johnny Depp and for the men do you love Megan Good, Beyonce or whatever star you find attractive? Maybe you do I can hear yall females already. “I love me some Drake where you getting at Xavier?” If you do say you love those stars, imagine if they weren’t attractive would you still feel the same way would you even be fans??

   But let me get off of that before I start losing some fans myself. My thing is though if you are with someone and you think you love them. Imagine if something happened and they didn’t look as great. Maybe they lost weight, maybe they gained weight, or maybe there was an accident to the person and to say the least they weren’t looking to hot. Now I’m not saying the person looking like fucking Freddy Kruger but you know they not so attractive anymore. If you can say that you would still be with them whole heartedly then its love not lust.

   Now sometimes its not that easy. Especially with us guys you know we be thinking with our “guy parts” alot of the time I’ll admit it. I can’t speak for woman I honestly don’t know what you all think with. If someone gave me an answer in the comment section it would really help me understand y’all better, just a little better. Now I’m about to spit some honesty about myself and I’m sure their are guys that can relate, woman too but I don’t think y’all would ever admit it. 

    Have you ever talked to someone for an extended amount of time got to know them and you like them alot I mean alot and then you and the person finally do the “grown up.” After you finish you and the person talk and you think to yourself, “Wow this person is annoying. We have nothing in common. I don’t think she/he is for me.”

Chances are you were just lusting after the person and were so caught up that you didn’t even notice it until it was too late. Which is bad cause if the other person is actually genuinely into you, you pretty much just wasted their time and also used them. The real problem is though is people will realize that but will still keep using the person every time they need their lust satisfied which is a for lack of a better phrase, a shitty thing to do.

   Love is confusing but lust can very well be confusing as  well. Its not bad to lust everyone lust at some point. Its apart of our nature but like obsession knowing the difference and identifying it early can help save you from hurting someone. Unless its just lust on both sides then I guess its just….fair game. What are your experiences with lust? 
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