Why I Hate The Talking Stage!!

Ok, when it comes to anything having to do with a relationship or pre relationship the talking stage has to be personally my most hated stage. I’m sure I have referenced this in my earlier blog post and hopefully to everyone this doesn’t come across as a rant.

    Now in a talking stage there is no title but usually the point of the talking stage is to possibly build up to one. You tend to do things that’s relationship like without actually being in one. Like I said in an earlier post, some people without titles are more closer than people without titles. However that’s when things get tricky. That’s when things get confusing. If the other person wants to date other people, they can. If they want to have sex with other people, they can and also you can too. If the other person does do it, would you feel some type of way….probably and vice versa for the other person. 

    During the talking phase you are pretty much on eggshells there are so many questions. Is this person feeling me? Are they talking to other people? Are they taking this serious? What are they after? Etc. Its pretty hard to ask the other person these questions without coming across as insecure and sometimes hard to get an honest answer. So you have to kind of feel them out and even then sometimes you can’t be too sure.

    Alot of time the talking stage can be a waste of time. You get to know the person, you might start liking them and who knows there might be actual feelings brewing. You may have put some time into it like a month or two then boom something happens. The person might do something you don’t like and you have to stop talking to them or all of a sudden the person stops talking to you. Or what usually happens over time is the the conversation shortens. Less texts back, the person becomes more and more busy than usual until either they fall back completely, dates someone else or tells you they are not interested or not ready for a relationship. Then at that point you just wasted time on someone you never dated. Maybe you can still be friends afterwards but if you like or liked them it will still feel like a waste of time.

     Feelings can definitely be a problem because the worse thing is to be jealous over someone who is not yours. There is no loyalty in the talking stage even though personally I think you should be if you are both feeling each other but if she talking to like 5 other dudes you can’t be mad if he got girls blowing his phone up you can’t be mad but I’m sure you still will be. It could get pretty bad if only one person really feeling the other person. Say he feeling the girl and drops the other girls completely and she still talking to more than one guy. That could end up bad and shit you can be on the bottom of her list and the same thing could happen to woman.

    Now I’m not saying that the talking stage is pointless I mean how else are you gonna get to know someone. You can’t just meet someone and then date them, unless your into arrange marriages but that’s a whole different story by itself. The talking stage helps you get to know someone better before you actually trust them with a job which is a relationship with them. Speaking of jobs its pretty much like a prolonged interview but like an interview you can still have competition for the same job and also you can still do everything right during the interview and still not get the job. What are your opinions on this. Comment below, Like and Subscribe and remember Love Is Confusing.



6 thoughts on “Why I Hate The Talking Stage!!

  1. This is so true! I absolutely hate the talking stage but it’s fun if that makes sense! I say it’s fun because getting to know someone and it being new so it can be exciting.

  2. Lol I cannot stand it, but I agree getting to know someone is sometimes the best thing about the dating stage.

  3. Wasting time on someone you never even dated is sadly very common in the dating world. A lot of times guys will just go ghost with no explanation, but as you said technically they are free to do that bc there are no labels. But it’s confusing, hurtful and it just sucks!

    So um yeah…that’s all i got! 😂😂

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