Four Sterotypes Between Men And Women

Men & Women: Are We Really That Different?(Stereotypes)

Alright now I think I gotten the generic topics out of the way and now its time for me to set myself apart. Maybe be a little more controversial. Now on to my point. As a society we love to divide things, race, politics, religion, sexual orientation, gender etc.
Often at these times, differences are pushed so much on to us that we forget something. We forget that we are all still human beings. Now this isn’t a blog about morals or ethics but it all ties into my topic. All of the things we love to categorize all have stereotypes or misconceptions about them or have double standards surrounding them. I will focus on gender on this post particularly gender roles in a relationship. It seems there is so much animosity between men and women. We seem to be more at odds at one another then ever before. There’s more competition women are becoming a lot more independent and I love it but honestly i think men and women are more similar than people think especially when it comes to dating. There are several stereotypes that both men and women have proven to be false.


  • Women in a relationship or marriage have to cook, clean and take care of children while the man works.
  • All men cheat, and men cheat more than woman.
  • Women are oversensitive compared to men
  • Men only care about sex.

Women in a relationship/marriage HAVE to cook, clean and take care of kids.

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I said in my first paragraph how woman are becoming a lot more independent. The fact that some guys and yes guys I actually know and call friends still think or act  this way is kind of crazy. I grew up in a household where my mother had to do everything because she was the only parent around. However I also was the only boy with two sisters. I was expected to learn to cook, clean and wash clothes like everyone else in the house. So personally I just don’t believe in genders roles. I also don’t think woman have to give up their dreams to raise a child while the man works and pursues his career. If the woman wants to its fine but it shouldn’t be decision forced on to her there are things like daycare.

Both people in a relationship should help out. If there is trash to be taken out and the man is not there she can take it out. If there are dishes in the sink he can wash them. If the baby poop the guy can change the diaper and etc. Days are long gone where woman have to stay in the “kitchen” so obviously this isn’t as big as an issue as it used to be. But there are still guys who have this mentality. Seriously I am very surprised by the amount of men who don’t know how to cook. Even something simple like how to separate clothes before you wash them because they expect their woman to know how to do it for them.

All men cheat/more than woman

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Okay so, are there any guy readers still here? I think I’ve lost every male subscriber as well. I’m probably being labeled a feminist in the comment section as you read this but for every guy still here this is for you. This stereotype can probably be a whole topic in and of itself. Some day it probably will be.

All men don’t cheat there are some good guys out there somewhere. *Waving my hand.* If every guy you been with cheated on you then either you’re very unlucky or you may have to change the kind of men that you’re into. I also don’t believe guys cheat more than women and there’s probably no way of proving women cheat more than men. That’s pretty obvious but there is one difference about men and women; Sex. There is a double standard that if guys have sex with multiple woman they are cool, and gets frequent high fives and if woman do it…….they get called some pretty bad names.

Why does this matter? Guys have a habit of bragging when they have sex. We have to bang on our chest and boast. Women are less likely to do so. They may tell a close friend or two but it’s not something they would like to spread around. So the chances of women getting caught are less than men. It doesn’t mean women don’t cheat as much it means women are probably much smarter at cheating than we think. Chances are you probably been cheated on and don’t even know it and you never will… but i digress.

Women are oversensitive compared to Men

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Women are sensitive that’s true………Guys are sensitive too. Humans are sensitive in general that’s why we all have these things called emotions. This stereotype exists for similar reasons that the “men cheat more” stereotype exists. Except it’s reversed girls are more open with showing their emotions than guys. Society has deemed men showing their emotions as being soft, not manly or to be blunt…”pussies.” Now we can hold in our emotions but they are still there they don’t go anywhere. Have you ever noticed how after a break up the woman cries and cries and the guy is nonchalant moving on. Then fast forward months later she’s fine and he’s the one whining trying to get her back.

That’s the result of the guy holding in his feelings and then later on they finally ooze out. Like seriously I’m a guy and I know my ass can be sensitive at times and I know my male friends are a bunch of big babies. Hopefully they not reading this…….but this notion that woman are more sensitive than men are wrong. You want to see a sensitive man? Be there when his favorite sports team loses or be there when he is losing in call of duty or be there when a store doesn’t sell his vanilla coke and he rants to himself (actually i think  that just might be me).

Men Only Care About Sex

If I said I didn’t care about sex I would be liar. But it’s a common misconception that that is the only thing we think about is sex. That’s simply not true; we eat, drink and also sleep thank you very much. Dry jokes aside we do care about sex and I will admit that at times we think with our men parts rather than using logic but sex alone isn’t all we care about. Anyone can have sex but building a long lasting relationship is the real challenge and those are the kind of things that a man thinks about. Note that I said man not boy. Immature boys or guys are usually the ones that will do everything and anything to get it(believe it or not girls do too) and its neither here or there.

Sex is everywhere, its a huge seller from commercials, movies, tv shows and even some cartoons. So it’s understandable that it would be on our minds a lot. Sex isn’t marketed to just men though however but to females as well. How many times have you seen an overweight man in an axe commercial? How does the “good guy” in any Tyler Perry movie look……I’ll wait. My point is woman prioritizes sex as well. I believe its very important to them. Sex is on a woman’s mind as well as a man’s. However, I do believe men care about sex alot more than women doo. Sorry fellas we know its the truth.

In conclusion this may not be one of my more popular post. I’ve probably pissed everyone off but I honestly do think that men and women aren’t really all that different. Society makes us different. Woman can be just as strong as men and I’m sure a man has the ability to whip up a 5 course meal. I’m all for equality for every human being on this planet. There are amazing things we can do if we can all put our minds together and cease with the labeling and categorizing of each other. Now this is part one of a two part blog. In the second part it will be a similar format in which I argue against common double standards between men and women in relationships. Like, share and comment(I know the comments will be interesting) and remember “Love is confusing but we’ll figure this out together.” Have an awesome day.

45 thoughts on “Four Sterotypes Between Men And Women

  1. Just today I heard a female executive talk about how more and more men staying home and caring for the household while the women work. It seems more stereotypes are being debunked, which is a great thing.

  2. I thoroughly enjoy your writing style. I was literally laughing out loud! It’s so nice to get the guy perspective on some of the topics! ‘Humans are sensitive in general that’s why we all have these things called emotions.” had me dying!

    1. I think thats my niche, hearing it from a guy that happens to be very sarcastic(im glad you laughed at my dry humor) some guys just moan and complain about woman or they past relationships. I look at things very objectively. I’m glad you enjoyed πŸ™‚ Thank You

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, I’ll post part 2 of this Wednesday. Where I do the same but with double standards between men and women im sure you will enjoy that as well πŸ™‚ Thank You

  3. Stereotypes are so ridiculous! I don’t care who cooks or cleans, so long as yiu and your family have a clean and well fed house. Nor do I care who works or not. Personally, I don’t believe that men get paid better in jobs. I believe that we all as human beings must work and work hard to get what we want, no matter the gender, race, religion, etc.. Great great post!

  4. Some men can be more sensitive than women. Most things are just stereotypes. There are men staying at home to take care of the household. They are no real rules, it’s for the couple to decide what is acceptable and what is not. In the modern world, there are no stereotypes any more. Yes, human relationships are complex.

    1. Thank you, Its great to have a male opinion on my post. I agree with everything you said 100 %

  5. What??? Where have you been all my life… Uhm… Maybe not all my life but my one year being a blogger 😨!… Very nice post, I’m totally subscribing to this blog, I hope you reciprocate the same

    1. Lol, Thank you I’m very flattered. If you have any topic ideas for future posts I’d also love to hear them as well πŸ™‚

  6. This is an interesting conversation that we need to have more often. I believe men and women have some differences. But it does depend on each person and how they want to be loved that determines if they are happy or unhappy in a relationship.

    1. I think so as well. Eventually I want to start a podcast and really start discussing these topics with people. And much success to you man I really appreciate your support.

  7. I think it’s a massive shame that men and woman are both put into categories of what they are good at, interested in ect. I think what you have put is so true!

  8. Really loved this post and the topic its about. Yes men and women are/can be different, but so is male and male or female and female. All depends on that individual. Such a engaging topic. Great read.

    1. Thank you, I actually had alot of fun writing both part one and part two. I appreciate that support Sandy

  9. Over my 65 years, I have seen huge changes in the stereotyping of the male and female roles. But I remain certain that men and women are very different emotionally, and that has never changed.
    Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I can agree with that, we are different emotion wise. And things have changed drastically over the years. Thank you for your support and your wisdom

  10. Very long but thorough analysis! The idea of gender roles is totally antiquated. When my SO and I have children I want them to form their own identities as free of societal norms as possible. In our household he does the majority of the cooking, we both clean and support each other. I manage the finances haha. Definitely gender roles shouldn’t dictate what you do.

    It’s going to be a huge challenge. I don’t want to have a gender reveal party since it’s definitely going to be a blue or pink kind of affair.

    1. Things are slowly moving in the right direction for gender equality compared to years ago especially before I was even born but I figure its something that still needs to be addressed

  11. My husband and I don’t stick to gender roles.
    Both of us work full time and both of us do housework. We take it in turns to do things like cook, wash up, clean the bathroom, take the bin out… etc

    When we have children we plan to both be equally responsible for child care and for raising our children together.

    I don’t think men and women are that different either. It all comes down to individual likes and beliefs irrelevant of gender.

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