Brief Thoughts: Love At First Sight

​   Okay, okay I know I have been gone for a little while. I needed some time to brainstorm different things I wanted to talk about and also I have a pretty busy schedule so there’s that. However you didn’t come here for my little excuses. You came here because maybe you actually care about my opinion and my opinion you shall get. This will be short but its something I have been thinking about.

   When you first meet someone what stands out to you? Is it the way they dress? Their figure or shape? How attractive they are or maybe their smile? Have you ever looked at someone for the first time and thought to yourself that this person was the one and you start fantasizing about your future together, marriage and children? Have you ever thought you had experienced falling in love at first sight?

   Okay, I’m done playing 21 questions but what I’m going to discuss today is love at first sight. Is it really a thing? Can people really fall in love with someone just by seeing them and again no I’m not talking about a celebrity. I’m talking about real people that you actually have a shot with. I don’t think you can fall in love at first sight with someone and here are my reasons why.

Love takes time

   Love may be confusing but I know one thing it is not instant. To truly love someone I believe you have to get to know them. You can’t love someone you don’t know. Or better yet you can’t love someone you know nothing about. You meet them and build a relationship overtime whether its simply a plutonic relationship or an intimate one and that’s how your love for them builds. 

   Now you can like someone at first sight. That usually means the other person made a great first impression. Now I know alot of people are going to argue against this post and say that they seen their partner, fell in love, got together and been married for many years. And if so that is really a great thing but I’d have to argue that maybe it wasn’t love.

   Maybe you just liked the person and something drew you to each other. Maybe physical attraction, the way they dressed, the way they smelled or maybe even the way they smile. Those things drew you together and overtime it evolved into love and then you got married and hopefully lived happily ever after. 

   I honestly think their are stages to it. You initially like the person. Then you really like them. Then you love them. Then you fall in love. Then you get to the point where you feel like you can’t live without them. (Which is a curse and blessing) My point is there are levels to it and yea you may skip a stage but there is no way in my opinion that you can meet someone and skip to love or falling in love with them. It may just be something other than love.

Movies/Shows Brainwashes Us

A lot of people get their ideas of love from things that are totally unrealistic. From a young age watching disney movies and other cartoons. To an adolescent and adult age watching reality shows and movies. We see that Prince gaze at the Princess fall in love and live happily ever after and when we get older we try to emulate it. 

   However when we get older we don’t think about if that Prince knows anything about her besides the fact that shes beautiful or if she knows anything other than he’s handsome and rich. Also we don’t even know if they truly live happily ever after because their story ends when the credits roll. 

Same goes for movies they follow that same concept and you know what happens we develop a unrealistic view on reality. We look for that prince charming or innocent princess usually starting in middle school or high school and instead of living happily ever after we get ourselves hurt. After that we probably think subconsciously “Well the Princess in the story never got cheated on nor did the Prince ever get dumped. What happened?” 

   There is no perfect person. We set ourselves up for failure when we expect to find that person lock eyes with them and expect everything to take care of itself. We can’t let movies or shows dictate or influence how he we view love or relationships. Love isn’t something that can so easily be acted out. 

   I’m not saying you can’t meet someone hit it off, be married the next day and eventually die together. Stranger things have happened but its usually something other than love that got you attracted in the first place. My personal preference though is that you take your time.  Even if you get that good vibe from them at first because you never truly know anyones intentions when you first meet them. You can’t judge a book by its cover. You shouldn’t count your chickens before they hatch and you shouldn’t predict a future with anyone before you get to truly know them. Thank you for reading. Like, Share and Subcribe and remember “Love Is Confusing But We’ll Figure It Out Together.”

66 thoughts on “Brief Thoughts: Love At First Sight

  1. couldn’t agree more.
    my boyfriend and I were just friend for 2 years before we started dating… I’ve always found him cute, but only fell in love after really getting to know him.

    nice topic choice!

    1. Thank you for the support. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m trying to view your blog but the page is loading very slowly

  2. ah ah! i agree about brainwashing! as romantic as what they do in the movies, reality is not exactly what it is… it can be worse or some few cases better! me and my hubby have been together for awhile and my case was definitely NOT love at 1st sight, lol

    1. Thank you!! I looked at your blog. You are full of personality. However your site isn’t letting me subcribe.

  3. I’m fully agree with you on this. I am married now but I remember those days. So true. I am just searching for my old photos on Dropbox from that beautiful period

  4. Love at first sight is really lust at first sight. Love does take time so it isnt just a look its a deep feeling that can only be truly developed with time and consistency.

  5. Wow, I can’t believe your blog is named, Love is confusing. I think that’s really brave. I completely agree with your views on how books & movies have brainwashed our idea of love. I don’t believe in love anymore & I think that’s fine. And I really hope those who do find theirs! πŸ™‚

  6. I couldn’t agree more with your view on brainwashing movies. Actually I think it all starts with childhood. You and many of us probably grew up with old Disney movies and the phrase “they lived happily ever after” which left many people confused and frustrated. But luckily some improvements have been made, so hopefully the younger generation will be less confused and more patient.

    1. Yep I grew up on all off that. However I worry about the younger generation due to reality tv and alot of this music thats out that may do more harm than disney movies.

  7. Indeed, I do believe love comes in stages! Nice post. When my husband and I got married we studied the love languages. Is that something you address in your blog at some point? Just curious.

    1. No at the moment but its something I will now research. You never know I may speak on it. Thank you for reading

  8. Yes, first impressions count but to Love is to be committed 100% to another individual is a progressive process of liking and confort and giving :). in my opinion

  9. What a topic to discuss, I could say, personally Love at first sight exists but it really depends if its true love of just fancy/puppy love. I have never experienced it cause I do believe in knowing and being with that person to know if you are truly inlove.

  10. I personally don’t believe in love at first sight. Having said that. The day I met my husband I knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. But I can’t say I LOVED him from the very first day, but I was definitely infatuated by him. I personally believe love comes from getting to know someone, mutual respect and serving one another.

    1. I completely agree Jane you hit it right on the head. And Congrats on your marriage I hope you continue to live happily ever after.

  11. I agree with you, although I do think these stages can happen pretty quickly but there is no way you can fallin love at first sight when you have never met the person before, that is simply lust/fancying someone.

  12. Great post. I do believe in love at first sight. I wrote on it on a particular blog post of mine but didn’t go deep. I’m glad you did. I get annoyed when I watch some soap operas because I’m like “if love was this easy, then we wouldn’t have a ton of broken homes and messed up marriages in the society’
    Keep on the good work.

    1. Thank you! They make it seem like its easy and we fall for it. Love takes time. Anything that comes quick usually isn’t good.

  13. What a great topic to cover! I believe in lust at first sight, I think love takes a bit more time, once you get to know each other better on a deeper level.

  14. I believe in intrigue at first sight or spark at first sight. Funny story. I met my boyfriend over 10 years ago, he was my best friends little brother…fast forward to our late 20s we ended up in the same city and reconnected.

  15. I don’t believe in love at first sight at all. Love is deep feeling, it goes beyond our core, it goes beyond our explanation, it goes beyond out soul. Literature has been trying to explain love through poems and novels and plays bit nobody has ever been able to really explain love. That kind of emotion can never be found at first sight. You need to work for that feeling.

  16. Yes definitely agree!! I think people fall in love with the idea of love at first sight, but you need to fall in love, not jump in love.

  17. When it comes to love, I am not sure if I believe in love at first sight. Because right now, I’ve been in a relationship for almost 7 years, and I can say I am still in love much as before. And I never remember the first time, I looked at my love, I don’t even remember how we actually met. lolz.

  18. I have never fallen in love at first sight. I agree that love takes time. But my current partner says he fell in love with me at first sight! I’m not him, so I’ll never know.

    1. You never know you are correct. By the way I viewed you blog. You are amazing you have definitely earned my subscription you have alot of wisdom.

  19. Such an interesting post, I’ve never believed in love at first sight although I do think you can become instantly attracted to someone at first sight and feel a spark at first sight – love takes time

    1. Love definitely takes time. I agree you can feel a spark or get that good vibe from someone when you first meet them.

  20. Loved reading this article. I believe in love at first sight as this is what happened to me and my husband, he still tells everyone that the first time he saw me he warned every guy that “she is my partner and mother of my children so back off”, lol. He did have a tough time convincing and wooing me that his feelings were sincere and genuine as I had some issues that I was going through when we met. We are now married 27yrs and going strong and have two boys, 24 and 21. We had our ups and downs but we are from a generation where we believe that if it’s broke we fix it. So “love at first sight” exists. Time just makes it stronger.

    1. I personally love this comment. That’s very special. I’m extremely happy for both of you! I love hearing stories like that. I wish more people had that if its broke lets fix it mentality. Thank you for your support

  21. This is an interesting topic about love at first sight. I believe that you can be attracted maybe by chemistry but true love is something that grows with time. Love doesn’t just happen it truly is a process between two people. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  22. Love at first sight sounds nice and where you think you fell in love with someone at first sight, you better start praying that they are compatible with you and you are ready to make some changes and compromises for better if you two hit it off!

  23. I think it is not love that you feel, but just infatuation. Maybe you get attracted to the physical characteristics of a person. I need to know a person a little bit more before I can let myself into a relationship.

  24. Well aren’t you just a downer LOL! j/k, what was said in this post is all truth. I do believe generations before us were able to fall in love way faster than us and maybe even at first sight but nowadays, I don’t believe that to be true. There is something about them that as you stated, gives us a great first impression but love comes much later. Great post! Missed them πŸ˜‰

    1. I just think it takes awhile before you can truly say you are in love with someone. You have to go through battles and wars with one another.

  25. I actually fully believe that love CAN but doesn’t always happen at first sight. This was definitely insightful!

  26. I think every couple is different. When my husband and I met there was an instant attraction. When we had our first date we hit it off from the second we hugged. We were engaged three months later. Now happily married. Everyone moves at their own pace.

  27. I completely agree with you. Now, I’m one who is more cautious, but open when meeting people. I like to really get to know them before opening my heart (including friends). But, once they’re in, they’re in for life. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 12 years now. But, it took us a full year to have our first kiss. Anyway, I agree. Love takes time. That is, more time than “at first sight”. Great topic!

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