How Does Timing Affect Relationships?


   Have you ever met someone who you felt is right for you? The right look, the right personality and almost everything swings towards your preferred preference, but…..the timing was just wrong. Maybe the person just got out a tough relationship and wasn’t ready or they were leaving for college that was halfway across the country. You can find someone who is great for you and the timing just is not right. You begin to think, If you both met years before or years after things would have worked out for the better. Sometimes you both may have to decide whether to wait until the time is right or give up on that great person all together. Time is definitely mans greatest enemy.

   I have had times where I looked back at old relationships and thought, if I had the right mindset or was in a slightly different situation, things would possibly be different. Maybe if I was more financially secure or even more mature certain problems would not have arisen. I have had times where I would talk to women that were great, but they were so emotionally damaged from past relationships that they just couldn’t trust anyone anymore.  What if I met her before the heartaches? We could have been something more or things could have been different.

 Do you wait for the right time?

   Honestly, I think it depends. If you are already with someone and you both put some time in the relationship, it may be wise for you both to wait. Now, I’m not a big fan of “breaks” in a relationship and one day I will explain why. However, it could be the best alternative then simply giving up. There was a situation where a friend was dating a guy all throughout college and after they graduated they both moved home. They both lived in the same state, but very far from one another. 

   For personal reasons, at the time neither could move to be closer to the other and the distance caused problems in their relationship. So, in that scenerio they cared deeply for each other, both were right for each other, but the timing just was not right. However, they didn’t give up. They took a break. Time passed, they focused on themselves, still keeping in contact with one another, and eventually things worked out where he could move closer to her and they were able to continue their relationship.

    Personally, I feel as though if you are not together it may be wise to move on. You and the person may have a lot in common and have great chemistry and you may even have that spark, but time is extremely valuble. You may not have time to wait until they get over that ex and is ready to take things seriously. You may not have time to wait until they have a more manageable schedule or until they can move closer. You may may not have time to wait until he/she matures. Etc etc. It might be better to just tell them that you like them alot but you two can’t be. Of course give them the reason as well and move on to someone that better fits you at that time and maybe if the stars align right somewhere down the line you can try again…maybe.

   It really sucks and emotions often get in the way. You may feel as though you will never meet this kind of person again and try to force things and the relationship becomes a train wreck as a result. There is nothing worse than having something that may be right for you where either you can’t have it at that time or you can’t enjoy it while you have it.

How do know if its the right time?


   Life is so random and often changing that it is almost impossible to really know if it’s the right time. Sometimes you may not be ready and have to get yourself right. I had another friend where her boyfriend wanted to take a break because he had financial problems and wanted to work them out before they could continue their relationship. I believe they could have worked it out without the break, but he didn’t think it was the right time for them. Although she was extremely hurt she waited and he eventually found a new job and they got back together and is still together to this day.

    It’s just really crazy when you think about it. Me and my girlfriend, my lady, my Queen (I know, I’m being extra) mesh extremely well. Its safe to say we are right for each other. I think about how it would be if I met her two years ago and we dated.  She lived in a different state, worked and went to school, and of course was very busy. During that time, I also worked a hell of alot. Crazy hours and truthfully wasn’t exactly stable in life at that time. Despite how well we meshed we wouldn’t have worked out. It wouldn’t have lasted. The timing just wouldn’t have been right. Fast forward to now. We live alot closer. Our schedules aren’t perfect by any means due to us both working a lot but we still have time for each other and it works.

   Timing can be the difference between a miserable relationship or a Great one. A successful marriage or one that leads to a divorce. If you are having problems in your relationship right now, try to take a step back and ask yourself “Is the timing right??” If you’re a guy thats complaining about being “friend-zoned”. She may need time to figure things out about herself. It may not be the right time. Orrrr you just might be doomed and need to move on to someone else. Welp there goes some of my male audience, but I just couldn’t resist that one. I hope everyone has a terrific day. Thank you for reading. Like, Share and Subscribe and remember “Love Is Confusing But We’ll Figure It Out Together.”

38 thoughts on “How Does Timing Affect Relationships?

  1. This is a very interesting post, one that I clearly and most definitely needed. I agree with the part you said that timing is the difference between a great relationship and a miserable one.
    You have other great posts too that I need to go through.

  2. I think when it comes to relationship, it is really hard to actually know or decide when the right timing is. And I think breaks or wait are most of the time excuses. Not in all cases though. Of course the context also matters. When I was at uni, I was changing country every year so building a relationship would have been super hard

    1. Yea its really tough you kind of have to use your gut feeling and take a chance but hey thats why love is confusing. Thank you for your support.

  3. This post really resonated with me. My current partner is someone that my younger, less mature self would have taken for granted, but because of the many experiences and life lessons learned before we met (under highly serendipitous circumstances, too) we immediately connected. Although I like to think we were meant for one another, I’m well aware that had we met years before, when I was in a different place, we would have faced a lot more challenges.

    Thank you for this thoughtful post. It’s made me reflect on some things and feel thankful for what I have!

  4. This is an interesting post, I’ve never really though about how timing affects relationships before, however before I got into my currant one I was single for a long time and had decided I could do without relationships all together.

    1. Yea its something I don’t really see to many people talking about. Thank you for your support!

  5. Relationships are complicated enough when you put two different people together, and I agree, sometimes the timing doesn’t work. I’ve been in relationships that I think would have failed regardless, but there have been a few that I think things would have been very different at a different time. That said, i am very content with where I am in my life with the hubby.

    1. Congrats. I’m very happy for both of you! Sometimes things may or may not happen for a reason.

  6. I agree that timing is important! We shouldn’t rush or try to force things to become a certain way. Chill and believe that it will all work out in God’s good timing.

  7. Timing is the most important because in my experience, you meet wrong person at the right time & right person at the wrong time! So, to quote John Green, “Time is a bitch. She screws everyone.”

  8. When I started reading this I felt for a moment you had just written about my life especially of late is the timing in practically all relations hasn’t been right. Great post

    1. Don’t sweat it. I was in that exact struggle but things eventually worked out. I’m sure in time the same will happen with you. Thank you for your support!

  9. I personally have not had this happen but I know plenty of friends who have. I have heard “the timing just isn’t right numerous times”. But I guess it all makes sense and whats meant to be will be when the timing is just right

  10. I think timing is important. If I’m too busy for a relationship, it just won’t work out. Luckily I met my husband in high school, so I was ready, ha.

  11. I use to think timing was an important factor but I’ve always been of the belief that everything happens for a reason and sometimes you just can’t control when the right person pops into your life. If you remain hard on the fact that it isn’t the right time then you might be losing your chance at love.

    1. You’re right on that one. That’s what makes waiting hard. Its always that chance you could miss the opportunity.

  12. I personally feel that timing plays an important role in a relationship. I met my partner when I was trying to recover from a bad break up and he just filled the gap of a good friend. It’s 8 years and our relationship as couples is still going strong. But don’t wait for perfect timing if you have someone who truly loves you. 🙂

    1. Yea if you someone that truly loves you. You keep that person close to you as possible. On a sidenote thumps up to your boyfriend he escaped the “friendzone” lol

  13. I really believe in the perfect timing. It also helps you prepare yourself emotionally, financially and physically. Always wait for the right time.

  14. Yes I also believe in right timing, but not just waiting, but working for it as well. In a relationship, you dont wait the fruit to fall onto your mouth. You work on it.
    Also, a constant open communication helps a lot.

  15. Relationship can be tough and challenging. To me things happened for a reason and I believe that finding the right person, at the right time and in the right place makes a good relationship flourish.

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