3 Types of “Nice Guys”

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Three types of “nice guys”

Ironicly “nice” guys tend to get a bad rap. Nice guys finish last is the popular phrase nowadays. Nice guys are often overlooked for the more edgy guys. The bad asses, the assholes or the “alphas.” However a nice guy is more of a broad term than you may think. There are more than one type of nice guy and I will try to break it down for you.

Generic/Traditional nice guy

3 types of nice guys.

   This is the more traditional nice guy. I’m sure most women have probably run into this kind of guy. He can be a little overbearing. He means well but can be very clingy. He checks on you frequently throughout the day. He looks to avoid confrontation and isn’t very argumentative. When there is a decision to be made he asks you what you want to do. He opens the car door for you when you get in. Always pays for the meal. He’s a great listener who always listens to you when you vent. I think you get the point he’s an extremely nice person.

   Now to some that may sound like one hell of a guy. To some he may sound too passive. When people talk about nice guys getting screwed over these are usually the type of guys people refer too. These guys sometimes seem too good to be true. It may scare away woman who may not be too eager to commit. Sometimes guys like this tend to smother a little too much. Too much of anything tends to become a bad thing and sometimes they are seen as too nice. However they are genuinely nice people and even though it may take awhile they eventually find someone special. 

The fake “nice guy”.

   You ever hear of the “phrase wolf in sheeps clothing.” That’s basically what these men are. They are hunters who use the nice guy image as a way to get what they want. On the surface it’s hard to tell them apart from the traditional nice guy. Hell sometimes they even play the role better than the traditional. They are master manipulators who use this nice guy disguise to get sex, money or whatever they want from vulnerable woman. However the difference is they don’t keep it up. After they get what they want their true colors show. They get what they want and then discard you. Then move on to the next victim with the same song and dance. 

   Its scary because they play the role so well that you don’t find out until its already too late. They are assassins on a female heart. With little to no care about the lasting damage they cause. They tend to go after woman with low self esteem. They go after woman that may have just got out of relationship or is going through things in her relationship. They play the opposite role of the man or men who has hurt her and lures her in that way preying on her feelings. Every move and thought is calculated 

The confused “nice guy”

There are alot of guys that fits under this mold. However it is hard to describe. Let’s just say that it’s a hybrid of the fake nice guy and the traditional. This guy does all of the things a traditional but for the wrong reasons. However unlike the fake nice guy he isn’t aware of it. Okay let me explain this is the kind of guy that is extremely nice to you but then once you tell him that he isn’t right for you. He gets mad because he thinks his kindness should gift him a relationship or even gift him sex with you. He believes just because he is a nice person that you should fall for him and fall into his arms. These are usually the guys that complain about being overlooked and blaming women for not being interested in them.

   Their only “sales pitch” when it comes to woman is “look at me I’m a nice guy and because I am a nice guy you should date me.” He uses guilt to make her feel bad for not giving in to him. Instead of figuring out what’s wrong with him and why women aren’t interested he just blames woman. These are the types of guys that get friendzoned and lashes out and the thing is they truly believe they are in the right. They believed they are owed intimacy because they are doing things that decent human beings should be doing in general.

   In conclusion, I do feel as though woman are more attracted to the bad guys/assholes than “nice guys.” However I don’t think woman overlook nice guys because they don’t want them. It’s because look you know what you are getting with an asshole but you don’t know the type of nice guy you could be dealing with. The fake nice guy and also the confused nice guy gives other nice guys a really bad rap. Once a woman encounters one of them she may be more cautious dealing with that type of guy. What do you think? Do you think nice guys finish last? 

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18 thoughts on “3 Types of “Nice Guys”

  1. Oh man! I always tell my daughter to go for a nice guy. I just want a TRUE nice guy. I tell her the nerdy nice ones are usually the way to go.

  2. Huh. That was more thought provoking than I thought it would be. It’s true women seem to like a bad guy more and it makes sense that it’s because the good guy…could be many different types.

  3. I am so lucky to have married a genuine nice guy. I am so thankful I do not have to date. It is such a different experience now.

  4. This is such a good read. My boyfriend is a genuine nice guy, and good thing I don’t have the deal with the other two groups of nice guy. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Useful tips for adolescents like me lol! I’ve been having a huge crush on a classmate and am still struggling to find out if he’s a nice guy or not, so this will help a lot. Thanks so much for this!

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