Nice guys DON’T finish last.

Brief thoughts: Nice guys don’t finish last.

   Before I begin I suggest you look at my last post Three types of “Nice Guys”. Because I will be referencing from there a little bit. I don’t think nice guys as a whole finishes last. The way I see it, it is a race. The nice guys are the tortoise and the not so nice guys are the hare. Maybe 18-25 years old those guys might be “winning” but after awhile it gets played out. Most Mature adults don’t have time to deal with the antics. When she was younger a bad boy was more appealing, yes. 

   He was more of a challenge not so easy to control. Not only was she being chased but she could chase him back. She could build him up. He was unpredictable. He was… However as time goes on the appeal wanes. The tricks and thrills get old. She’s worried about her career. Worried about her bills. Her car note. Her mortgage. Maybe even children she might have had. She has no time to entertain it. So who does the bad boy go after? The younger girls who has the time on their hands to entertain it. The less mature ones. 

   Now who does the Mature woman go after? The “nice guy” The traditional nice guy if you read the last post. After being with the bad guys she appreciates the nice guy even more. They get married start a family and hopefully good things happen. 
What happens with the bad boys they turn into bad men, older men. The woman their age don’t have time for it and I’m talking about the mature ones. They are too old for the younger girls the best they can be is a sugar daddy to get her attention. That’s if they can even afford it. 

   Chances are while they were having fun they slipped up and made children and is now paying child support. So when you take a step back and look who is really finishing last? The guy who got played in highschool/college but is now happily married or the guy who is 30+ still trying to be a womanizer. 
The nice guys that do tend to finish last however are the fake “nice guys” because karmas a bitch and the confused nice guy and again I explain both in my last post. 

   The confused nice guys are honestly the ones that really spread this notion of nice guys finishing last because they can’t accept that being nice or kind doesn’t mean a woman has to love, have sex with you or be with you. They are the ones that grow old and bitter and then try to do what the bad boys do and fail simply because its not who they are.

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33 thoughts on “Nice guys DON’T finish last.

  1. I married a very nice guy and he has been my nice guy for the past 30 years! I definitely think that nice guys finish first.

  2. When I was sharing this article, honestly I can’t wait to read the whole post. It makes me laugh at the same time knowing that there are still some nice guys out there maybe not that much anymore since the fake nice guys are more haha hopefully girls will be attractive to nice guys cause they deserve it.

  3. This is a great post. I love how you pointed out the confused ones are generally the people who spread this way of thinking.

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