Love and Hate: Two sides of the same coin.

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Last post I spoke on the differences between sex and love. And addressed the misconception that they were similar. This post I will now speak on has two opposite emotions. Love and Hate. But are they really that different? Is there really such a huge gap between loving someone and hating someone. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t think they are the same thing however there are alot similarities and I will address them.

Both garners a reaction.

In order for you to love someone you have to care about them. I mean thats obvious right? They bring a smile to your face and butterflies in your belly. However when you hate someone you care about them too. Maybe not in a “I want to do nice things for you” type of care. But that person or thing dominates your mind and can quite possibly ruin your day. I think back to anyone that I can remember ever hating before. Everyone that was worth eliciting such emotion from me. Most were ex’s or someone I shared close bonds with like an old friend. 

   There were also people that didn’t fit that category. Like people I would see on the news or around me that would do horrible things. For example rapist, murderers people in that category. However I still cared. They still mattered to me. Not in a positive way but they were something I spent my time thinking about. Spending my precious time discussing to a friend or sometimes even on social media. They got a reaction out of me and that’s the key word “reaction.” Whether it was me wanting revenge or justice I felt something. The opposite of love is not caring. Which I think suprisingly is the opposite of hating as well. 

Love and Hate sells

 I said before that love sells. Hate is no different. The media uses it all the time. Because just like love. Hating gets a reaction out of you. The most popular people tend to be the most polarizing. In sports you look at Lebron James, Tom Brady and Lavar Ball either you love them or hate them. Lavar Ball is probably more hated than loved and yet he has been talked about all the time in sports media for that exact reason. He even had President Trump call him out.  

   But maybe you don’t know who Lavar Ball you might not even know who Lebron James is but everyone knows President Trump. Now I’m not here to talk politics but just reading that name alone elicits a reaction. He is the most polarizing man alive in America at the moment in my opinion. He’s a man that makes headlines based off the hate he recieves. As much as people may not like to admit it……people care about him. You read the comment section of anything relating to him and you have grown people who takes time out of their day to write paragraphs about how much they can’t stand him and argue with the people who supports him. That hate sells as it gets him more attention and whatever media outlet that covers him also reaps the benefits.

“Hate Is confused admiration”



   Love is confusing but hate really is as well. You ever have that person that’s always judging you.  Always have something negative to say. You are always the topic of discussion. There is that hint of jealousy and envy from the person. Guest what? That person might be one of your biggest fans and the crazy part is sometimes they might not even know that. You’re thinking that they are looking down on you but they are actually looking up to you. It’s like that boy in middle school that’s always mean to the girl but likes her but don’t know how to say it. 

   Human psychology is weird to say the least. Seriously some people mess with you because they like you and don’t know how to express those feelings. And I’m not even talking about romantic feelings they might just like you as a person. They might even be obsessed over you for whatever reason. 

They both make you do questionable things.

   There are things you only do when you love someone. It can range from walking almost half the city to see them in a thunderstorm in my case. To doing some really crazy stuff like destroying property or some borderline pyscho stuff. Things that you look back and think to yourself damn did I really do that for that person. Or you may look back at his slashed tires and broken windows and say did I really do that to that person. 

   Emotions tend to get the better of us. 
There are things you do when you hate someone that you may or may not regret later on. You may wish harm on them. Or might even actually do harm to them. But it all goes back to my earlier paragraph. It gets a reaction out of you. You get out of character you do and say things that you otherwise wouldn’t. Both love and hate brings the animal out of us sometimes in different ways and sometimes in similar ways. 


   In Conclusion when I look at love and hate I see two sides of the same coin. They are both linked. This might of been my hardest post to write because both emotions of love and hate are honestly just so complex and people have their own definitions of both. Some people like to be hated some people like to be loved. Both garners attention from people. I have an interesting question for everyone. Would you rather be hated or not cared about at all? Thank you for reading. Like, Share and if you really like my content Subscribe your email below to be apart of my email list it would really help out and also you get notified everytime I post. Have a great day and remember, “Love Is Confusing But We’ll Get Through It Together.”


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