4 Ways To KEEP Her Happy

              4 Ways To Keep Her Happy


   I have to say woman are very complicated. Yeah I said it. However I’ve learned a lot when it comes to dealing with you. I’ve had many trials and errors trying to figure you out and guess what I probably never will….and I’m ok what that. It’s one of the many reasons I love you all so much. You deserve all the happiness in the world but how do you keep a woman happy? Us guys think we got all the answers. A typical guy response is “Just give her the good “D”, buy her stuff, get her food and listen to her little problems.” 

   I mean I guess all those things would sound good to a woman. But one thing I have learned is it’s the little things women want its the little things that keeps her happy. Its not what you do it’s how you do it. It’s not about listening its how you listen to her. I know you men are going to groan through this entire post if you even make it that far but try to listen and for the women get some popcorn and maybe get some tea out. Without further ado four ways to keep her her happy.

1. Spoil Her With Consistency.


   Ok this happens alot. You start the dating stage and you’re taking her out places all the time. Bowling one day. Fancy dinner the next.  You’re on the phone all night with her. You always make time to see her when you can. You listen to her problems, her fears, her goals. First time making love you put your A game on!(That was so cringy) You give her attention when she wants.  You do all these things to make her happy then months into the relationship it just……stops. And no its not because you don’t feel the same way about her. You might even try to tell yourself that but no it’s because you got comfortable. She’s yours now right? She isn’t going anywhere and the “chase” is over. 

   You want to keep her happy? Then guess what? The chase is NEVER over. The same way you got her is the same way that you keep her. She goes slowly from a nice dinner and movie to netflix, takeout, sex and sleep. Don’t get me wrong its nothing wrong with chinese food and netflix with your girlfriend from time to time. My point is don’t get comfortable and start lacking the effort you put in from the beginning. The things that you did to get her whatever they were. Don’t stop doing it once you both make it official. If you put your A game in don’t start downgrading to your C game hell even your B game. Maybe an A- cause everyone has their off days. 

   When you do that you are basically tricking her. She dated superman but you are just giving her Clark Kent. It happens in alot of marriages as well. Cause once she say I do you know you got her. She isn’t going anywhere so why try anymore, right? I understand things do change though. You might lose your job or life might just happen to you and you both can’t go out anymore to do stuff. It’s happened to me before but its deeper then that. Like I said its the little things that count. Being superman isn’t just taking her out. Its being that same man you were at the beginning. Keep giving her that same attention. Keep giving her that same affection. Make it your mission to be that same guy that made her choose you out of every guy on this planet she could have chose. 

2. Make Her Feel Safe Secure


   You don’t have to be 6’4 250 punching or threatening every guy that looks in her direction to make her feel secure.(I guess it helps though) You can be 5’4 140 and make her feel like she is the most secure woman in the world. She’s not going be happy if she isnt. You have to make her feel like she is the only one and I don’t support this “side chick” trend thats been going on so she better be the only one. I can the hear the groans now. If she has to worry about your ex’s all the time. Always have to feel the need to go through your phone or social media. She is not going to feel secure. She wants to feel as though she can trust you. Like I said its the little things that turns into the big picture.

   Her being secure is her knowing you got her back. Knowing she can rely on you. If your the primary or only money maker in the relationship that all bills are paid. If there is an issue in her life she can talk to you and not only can she talk to you that you will actually listen to her and give her feedback if needed and work simultaneously on a solution. Compliments are always great even flirting. Like I said the chase doesn’t stop. Never let her doubt your loyalty or dedication. 

   You are with her for a reason. She is obviously special to you so all I’m saying is if she is special. Don’t tell her she is special. Don’t tell facebook she is special. Show her everyday that she is special. Now I’m not telling you to kiss her ass or be a yes man to try to keep her. However I will say this. If you kissed her ass to get her. Don’t change up now. Keep that chapstick on hand.

3. Paying Attention To The Little Things.

   Little things matter. I can not stress that enough. I probably said it like 10 times already. It’s very true though. Now I’ll say this ya’ll women( yeah I’m talking to you now) do have the tendency to assume that we have pyschic mind reading powers and know exactly what you want and how you want it. When you want it. We are not the X-men we do not have such powers. But I will say this. If you pay attention to your woman. If you actually listen to her and chemistry with her helps too. You will know or at least have an idea of what she wants. 

   Buying her stuff is a nice gesture.  But there is a difference between suprising her with random flowers and remembering a specifc conversation where she tells you “babe I really love lillies” and suprising her with all lillies. She’ll be happy because one it shows you were actually and two she got what she wanted. And if you do that with food she’ll be glowing the whole day. Of course that takes times you probably won’t know these things on the first month of a relationship but listening does pay off in the long run.

   Sex is great in a relationship. But theres more to it than that. Alot of guys think intimacy is sex. When thats just not to case. As said by the blogger at Put A Wedge In It on her blog post “Intimacy Does Not Equal Sex” There are other things you can do that can be intimate. Simply making out, Dancing with her, Helping her with something and cuddling, Even just a simple walk in the park while holding hands can be intimate. Everyone is different however those things might not be her cup of tea. It’s both of your jobs to find out what’s intimate for both of you. It may not seem like much but things like that will mean the world to her. Especially if she doesn’t have to ask for it. 

4. Let Her know How Important She Is

   One thing about woman as a whole is in a relationship they want to be…..fun. Even your biggest introvert when she’s around you haves her moments of goofiness and silliness. She doesn’t show that side to anyway else but you. Which is a good thing cause that typically means she trusts and feels secure around you. Alot of guys wants to be cool all the time. And when his girlfriend wants to be fun he shuts her down. Whether its around his friends because he feels embarrassed or wants to be cool or by themselves. 

What do I mean by fun though? Woman sometimes do weird things. Anyone who lives with their partner can attest to this. From tickling you, to touching your ass, dancing randomly butt-naked in the house. To even trying to grind on you from behind while you are brushing your teeth. It might not be that extreme but woman do weird stuff. Now I’m not saying you just sit there and be tickled. No im not saying that. But woman do not like to be boring. You tickle her back. Grab her booty, chase her around the house, grab her and dance with her. Don’t shut her down or push her away. Being that cool “statue” only works in movies, cartoons and anime. In real life you are just being lame. Have some fun with your woman.

   Another way to make her feel important is to let her help you. We all have egos we all want to be that leader. But she can lead too. Even if she offers to help on something you know she don’t know how to do. Don’t shut her down. Teach her or at the very least give her a role where she can still help you. If you are fixing something let her work on one part while she you work on the other. Let her know what the tools do and how to use them if she doesn’t know. Hell she might just surprise you. If she wants to be involved let her help sometimes you have to put that pride to the side. Thats something I’m still working on. 

In conclusion

   It’s not just about making her happy its keeping her happy or better yet keeping each other happy. I can still hear the groans. I wonder how many men made it to the end of this. There will also be a “5 ways to keep him happy” post so maybe they will like that one and stayed tuned for it. Thank you everyone for the support. Comment below. Like, Share and if you really like my content Subscribe your email below to be apart of my email list it would really help out and also you get notified everytime I post and remember, “Love Is Confusing But We’ll Get Through It Together”

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  1. These are all such great tips! I love the first one. Consistency is so important in anything you do in life. This is a great read for everyone! Thanks for sharing this

  2. It’s all about the little things, my husband saw a keyring he knew I would love when he was at the garage putting petrol in, so he got it for me. It’s those sorts of gestures that mean so much,

  3. I laugh and I sigh for this post. You are right, I agree that these are things to keep your woman happy. It can be hard but enrich the relationship. I have to pass this to my husband πŸ˜‰

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