Becoming A Better Person Every Day

Becoming a better person everyday. Part 1

Being a better person that’s what we all strive for right? At the beginning of this month everyone was screaming “New Year New Me!” Everyone had their New Years resolution to better themselves in whatever way. But how many people has actually followed through? It’s late January and I guarantee 75% of people has fell off the wagon already. Eating that donut they said they were going to avoid. Spending money on that donut that they said they were going to save. Saying to themselves “one donut won’t kill me.” Okay, okay that example is about me. I ate the donut….look it was chocolate frosted boston creme I couldn’t resist don’t judge me.

The point is its not always easy there are tons of distractions. Killing bad habits do not happen over night. A new year won’t make you magically a better person. It takes time and dedication. It takes trial and error. It takes failure sometimes. As I touched in Three Steps To Loving Yourself. Improving ones self is key. You don’t have to wait until New Years to improve. Every day is an opportunity to be better. Every day is an opportunity to be stronger, mentality and physically. However it’s still a process.


“An hour of preparation can save you a lifetime of problems.”

That’s my personal quote by the way. If you want to be a better person this is simply a must. There’s no way around it. Before you even start trying to change for the better you have to prepare. For example if you want that summer body. Do you just all of a sudden wake up and go to the gym. I mean yeah I guess its a great start. It’s great to show initiative. But I bet somewhere down the line. Something will distract you, throw you off and before you know it. You are back at square one making excuses. Why? Because you didn’t prepare.

Preparing makes you a more efficient person. Now say instead of just going to gym. You take an hour to figure out exactly what your weight loss or fitness goals are. You google what exercises are most efficient for your goals. What foods you should eat. And you outline what obstacles you may come across. Maybe the gym is pretty far from you or maybe your schedule may be a possible problem and you work on solutions. I guarantee that person has a much higher chance to succeed than the other person. Of course this seems like common sense. It’s obviously not rocket science but it’s an example of how powerful preparation can be.

I know its some people out there that think they don’t have to prepare. They can just waltz into that job interview without preparing and get that job easy. I mean I’ve done it before and countless others. But I’ve realized taking some time out to go over possible questions. Researching the company. Thinking of my own questions etc. Is more efficient than just going in there basically “naked.” And I’ve gotten more jobs that way as a result. Now what does all these examples have to do with being a better person?

Imagine if you took a little time to prepare every single day. That hour you spend on Facebook or that hour you spend watching netflix or youtube videos you instead spent mapping out your day. Outlining your obstacles and how to avoid them, your goals for that day, what you can do better. By doing this you learn to keep building great habits everyday which is honestly the key to continued success. Being a better person everyday doesn’t just happen nor is it easy. But by setting up some time to prepare it makes everything a whole lot more easier. You can eliminate potential problems and distractions before they even begin just by simply planning ahead. Preparation is key.

You are going to fail.

Yes you read that correctly. You are going fall off the “wagon.” You’re going to eat that “donut.” Bad habits are not so easily disposed of. If they were we would all be perfect. Failure isn’t a bad thing however. Nor is it the end of the world. It’s often a great learning experience. When I prepare for the next day now I can ask myself.”What caused me to eat that donut? “What can I do to avoid eating that donut next time?” “Why was I even in that situation to begin with?” The problem with people in diets and more importantly in life is once they fall off the wagon. They never get back on. They beat themselves up. They give up, they stop trying. All that progress they made becomes obsolete. Not realizing that things like this are normal.

The only real failure is if you actually accept failure. Like for example if you don’t get pass that job interview you prepared for and then just stop looking for work. Or if I eat that donut then the next day I give up and get another one. That’s when you truly fail. Being a better person everyday isn’t about not making mistakes or not failing. Its what you do after you make your mistake. You have to understand. It takes people years and years to build bad habits and bad behaviors.

So what makes you think a month of parading around saying new year new me is going to make a permanent change. Every day will not be perfect. You are going to stumble one day and maybe fall the next but staying down is not an option. You find out what knocked you down and you make it your mission to not let it knock you down again. And if it does you keep trying different approaches. Every obstacle isn’t easily avoided. Some hurdles are harder to jump than others but with smart work and hard work you can get over the hump which leads me to my next point.

Work smarter not harder

It’s a strong belief that the hardest worker in the room reaps the biggest results. I disagree, it’s nothing wrong with being the hardest worker it’s actually a great thing. However it’s the smart worker that reaps the biggest results. The smart workers paces himself. Conserves his stamina. The smart worker is usually the most efficient. Knowing how to do the same amount of work in less time using less energy.

I’ll ask you this. When you look at most jobs or companies who does the most work? Who works the hardest? Usually its the “grunts” the guys in the entry level positions. The guys at the bottom of the food chain. The higher up the food chain you are the less “work” you have to do and also the more you get paid. The CEO isn’t out there bagging your groceries. The CEO isn’t out there in the elements freezing or sweating. The CEO isn’t out there mopping floors or dealing with angry customers. He’s likely somewhere behind a desk emailing someone to tell someone to tell someone to tell your supervisor to tell you and your fellow workers to pick up the pace. How did you think he became CEO in the first place by just working hard? He learned to work not just hard but also smarter.

Be the CEO of your life. Work smart. There are only 24 hours in a day and you spend a third of it sleeping so learn how to be efficient in everything you do. Whether it’s at work, school or at home. Preparation is key. By doing that you can brainstorm efficient solutions. Things that will save you time. Giving you time to do more and be more productive throughout the day. Also as I said before the smart worker paces himself. Sometimes it’s smarter to break things down. Make it easier for you. For example if you are writing a book. Do you write it in one day or do you maybe take it possibly a chapter or two a day? The later is the smarter choice. That way you won’t overwork yourself and have time to accomplish other things throughout the day.

In conclusion

There are alot more things to cover but I’ll cover it in another post or else you guys will be reading like a 5 page essay. But being a better person everyday takes dedication and commitment. It’s not instant you can’t just snap your fingers and become a better person. You have to work hard and invest in yourself. And if you love yourself you’ll see its an investment worth taking. You want to work on being the best version of yourself everyday and you don’t need a new years resolution to make that decision.

I challenge you to start today on your road to becoming a better person every single day. Your future self will thank you for it. You will run into obstacles. You will fall. You will….fail. But you will dust yourself off everytime and get back on the wagon and keep going. I believe in you. You can do it. We can do it. Like,Share and Subscribe and remember “Love Is Confusing But We’ll Get Through It Together.”

23 thoughts on “Becoming A Better Person Every Day

  1. Really good, thoughtful advice. I think it is so important to recognize that “success” is more the product of failing than anything else! Without putting ourselves out there to try and reach our goals, we simply won’t. I also think preparing makes a huge difference. Packing my gym bag and leaving it by the door, or bringing a weeks worth of gym wear to work and leaving it in my office means I’m ready to go!!

    1. The most successful people are usually the ones who has failed the most. But they kept fighting and got to where they were. And yep! I’m with you on that gym grind. I won’t be eating anymore donuts anytime soon!

  2. I’m happy to read this as I’m still sticking with my new year resolution. Yes it requires a lot of dedication, but I’m sure after reading this post, everyone can become a better person 👍

  3. …I wish that everyone could read your post. It was very encouraging and helpful.I am sticking to my resolution so far. Very encouraging advice..

  4. These are great tips! I think I am that person that over-prepares or over-thinks things to the point I end up hesitation on a decision. It’s been hard for me to overcome it.

    1. I say just go with your first instinct. Its usually the right one. But its better to over prepare than to not prepare at all so I think you are doing a great job

  5. “A new year won’t make you magically a better person. It takes time and dedication. It takes trial and error. It takes failure sometimes. ”

    This is definitely something that I needed to read today. I have a ton of lofty goals and ideas that I am constantly hard (not smarter, just harder) on. Whenever I hit a road block I give up and walk away. I’m working on being more consistent and having faith in my abilities and goals. Thank you so much for this. I really needed it!

  6. I do believe being a better person has to be an intentional thought. Its working on yourself and really truly doing good things for yourself and others with optimal positive energy.

  7. This is a cruel world. :/ We tend to get bad just in case we need surviving tickets. Thanks for this inspiring post!

  8. You have offered some great tips. I believe that preparation and planning are very important. And failure is just a setup for a strong comeback.

  9. All great tips. I think it is important to understand that not everything is going to work out. It gives you some breathing room to take more risks, some will pan out other won’t, but the reward either way is amazing.

  10. I try to be the best I can be and I try get better than I was yesterday. Even when I slip up it just reminds me that I have to try harder. Thanks for sharing, such an inspirational post!

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