About Me

Welcome, my name is Xavier Young. I have been procrastinating on this blog thing for the longest. Two years to be exact. What should I write about? What am I passionate about? Would people even care what I have to say?

   These questions have held me back for the past two years. Now, a lot has changed in the past two years. Moved to a different state. Went through a break up. Went from a job that worked me half to death to a job where I pretty much get paid to breath. Sounds good right? Maybe, but its an overnight and I’m a morning person but this isn’t a blog bout my job however, but by working overnights I needed things to pass the time. I needed things to do.

   I often engaged in conversations with peers on the phone that just so happen to not have a bedtime. I talked and talked to kill time but I began to realize something. I slowly started becoming a therapist of a sort to my peers. People would often call me to vent out their frustrations and ask me for advice. Now this is where I will get to the point of this blog. This is where I got my idea. Among the frustrations were relationships. People venting about boyfriends, girlfriends babydads, baby mama’s things like that. I would frequently give out little advice here and there but didn’t really take it seriously like damn I’m no doctor Phil or relationship counselor what qualifications do I have? But people kept coming back to me for advice and I realized somethings. I’m not good at sugar coating things which might have pissed off a few friends especially when I am sleep deprived at work, downing down some coffee.( I don’t even think it affects me anymore) but I also love doing it.

   When I graduated highschool I actually wanted to be a psychologist and talk to people about their problems. So I have decided that maybe this can be my “niche” I guess, we will see how this goes. But my goal is to really reach out to a lot of people that may be going through things in they relationship. Shoot you don’t even have to be in one sometimes the “talking” stage can be more stressful than an actual relationship. But for my audience on here its going be fun. Everything I say is opinion based off my experiences or others I have seen and everyone has different ones. I have no problems with people with different opinions, I actually embrace it cause that’s honestly the point of this, to get different point of views from different people. I welcome anyone to comment and remember Love Is Confusing