Brotherhood Of The World Bloggers Award!!!

So this is my second blogging award so I guess I’m doing something right. I’d like to give a shout out to JustBeingNessa for the nomination. If you haven’t checked her out you definitely should. She speaks on a alot of topics. I’m conviced she literally has a little something for everyone and everything. For you book lovers to relationships to weight loss. She even speaks on some things that will really have you thinking. But I won’t spoil it for you. Show her some love visit her at

Now for those who’s new to this. I will speak briefly on the rules. They are quite simple. The person who nominates me asks me a series of questions. I answer the questions and then I nominate others that I want to show love to and I ask them my own questions. Then they nominate people and the cycle continues. Now that you are familiar with the rules it is time to begin.

JustBeingNessa: Briefly explain your blogging style(where your favorite blogging spot/tools – as in, on the couch using your smartphone or something.

LoveIsConfusing: It depends. If I’m pulling an overnight shift and the traffic is low.(it usually is) Then I’ll typically work off of my smartphone. When I’m at home I’ll work off my laptop. I prefer the laptop though because in my opinion its easier and I can do more on it. Ironically though I use my phone more often because I’m hardly ever home so the smartphone option is more convenient for me.

JustBeingNessa: How do you manage your blogging time including reading time?

LoveIsConfusing: When you don’t have time in a short 24 hour day to realistically get things done what do you do? You prep. An hour of preparation can save you a lifetime of problems. At the beginning of the week I take an hour or more to brainstorm topics I might want to talk about. I do some outlines and drafts. I bounce some ideas off some friends. 

   Then I pick one day where I might have some free time to write usually that overnight shift and I get to writing. I will be honest though between school full time and working full time and this annoying thing called sleep. It is a struggle especially at first but prep makes my blogging life alot easier. As far as reading other blogs. I typically read on my down time.

JustBeingNessa: Who is your most read author?

LoveIsConfusing: Umm me of course!! Sarcasm and slight narcissism aside I’m not sure if I really have a favorite author or a most read one. But since this post is about showing some love to some blogs. I will give you one of my most read bloggers: IAmLoveXO. Positivity is kind of my theme for this new year and her blog OOZES positivity. If I’m feeling a little down. Her blog definitely is a nice little pick me up. Check her out you will not be disappointed

JustBeingNessa: How did you come up with your blog name?

LoveIsConfusing: I don’t have any crazy storys or epiphany that lead to me to this name…sorry. BUTT basically when I had to choose a domain name for the website I was just stuck. I knew what my niche was but I couldn’t settle on any name. So I texted my cousin up who was helping me put this together and asked for a list of names. She didn’t respond right away(As usual) 

     I knew a name was important. You know its your brand it’s what people were going to recognize you by. I brainstormed a bunch of names most included the word relationship. RelationshipBlog, Relationship this Relationship that. It was so generic. Then I thought, how about love? Love is generic as well but its broad enough for me to possibly go in alot of directions. 

   No one really knows what love is. Love Is confusing……..Love…Is…Confusing.  And Bam! I had a name that went from generic name to something that could possibly draw attention.  So yeah that’s how I got my name. And AFTER I got my domain name set up my cousin then responded with her list of names but I had already fallen in love with mines.

JustBeingNessa: What keeps you blogging?

LoveIsConfusing: When I first started. I was super stoked. I had my blog all set up. I had about four topics in advanced ready to be published. Told all my friends family. I was ready. I was new to this cold blogging world. I went into it blind. I went into it ignorant. A week went by at launch. I had about 6 total views. All from friends and family. I got discouraged. Why write if there’s no audience to read what you wrote. 
   I started to half ass write because I lacked motivation. No one was going to read it anyway I thought. I was going give up. However I had this one friend who legitimately loved what I wrote. Always asking me what I’m working on or hows the blog? I’d make excuses like I don’t have enough time and for every excuse she would give me a solution. “Oh, you don’t have enough time? Write on your way to work. Write a paragraph a day”

   I realized if one person believed in me that was all I needed. I started to do more research on blogging and got more traffic and a bigger audience joined groups and now everytime I get a nice comment saying how much they love my content or how much I might have helped them. It fuels me. That is my motivation.


That’s it for my answers now its time for my nominations. 

Joan Cajic




Maya Moore 

My Questions

What is your biggest hurdle when it comes to blogging and how did you or how are you planning to solve it?

What is your expectations or goals for your blog this year.

What aspect of your blog do you think needs the most improvement?

What advice would you give to any new bloggers just starting out?

Do you think that Love Is Confusing?

In conclusion

Thats it for this post. Again I would like to thank JustBeingNessa for the nomination. Much love to you. And always congratulations to all the nominees. I appreciate all the hard work you have all put in. My this New Year bless us with the best of success and also same goes for my audience. Like, Share, Subscribe and remember “Love Is Confusing but we’ll figure it out together”

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