LoveIsConfusing Q&A #2

Happy Turkey Day! I hope everyone is enjoying stuffing their faces. Make sure you all save me a plate too! 😉 But putting my greedyness aside this is the second installment of my Q&A posts where someone comments three or more questions for me relating to love or relationships or even questions about myself and in return not only do I answer them but I also give you a shoutout on anything you want website, business etc as long as its family friendly.

Before I answer these questions allow to me to give a brief shoutout to Understand456. He is a fellow blogger like myself that has a blog called Poetry Blog. This blog is for people who love poetry. Hell this blog is also for people who don’t. His poems emitt alot of emotions. He is extremely talented and touches base on a whole lot of topics. Ranging from love, relationships, Life situation etc. It also isn’t just poetry he has posts where he talks about real situations and after reading he will really have you thinking. He is quicky becoming one of my favorite bloggers. 

   My favorite post is called “Praying For A Better Future” where he speaks on common issues that happen in society today. My blog sometimes leans more to a female audience so its always great to get something from my male audience and he asked me some amazing questions. Check his blog out at you will not be dissapointed you will fall in love with it. Now without further ado it’s time for me to answer some questions.

Poetry Blog: Since you discussed gender roles, in the bible it says wives must submit to their husbands and husbands are to lead their wives I don’t completely agree with this. What’s your opinion on this?

LoveIsConfusing: Back in those days when that bible verse was written. That was pretty much the norm. The wife was supposed to submit to the husband. The Queen submitted to the King. However It’s 2017 and things have changed drastically. I don’t think anybody should have to submit to anyone. Like I said on the last Q&A you and your partner are a team. You both work together. 

   Now woman usually look for Men to be leaders. It’s natural but its nothing wrong with letting your Queen lead you. Or you could lead eachother. Theres somethings you can do better than her and somethings she can do better than you. Yall both take turns leading depending on the situation.

   Poetry Blog: Do you think that people should be friends with their ex after a breakup?
   LoveIsConfusing: It really depends to be honest. For one it depends on how you two seperated. If you broke up on bad terms. You cheated or she cheated it may be very hard to do that. One of you or both may be still having bad lingering feelings about how one another was treated making it uncomfortable to be friends.

   It also depends if you still have feelings for the person. In my experience if I still have strong feelings for a girl and especially if I still love her. It’s extremely hard to just be friends with her. It gets even harder if she moves on with someone else and then you have to act normal around her like it doesn’t bother you. You’re pretty much torturing yourself. It may be better to fall back from the person until you can control your feelings and then become friends later on. I mean that worked for me at least.

   Lastly alot of time if you were good friends with your ex before you got together. Sometimes it’s easier to transition back to just being friends. Compared to becoming friends while you are together because its sometimes you do everything as a couple so its hard to seperate your friendship from your relationship…if that makes sense.

Poetry Blog: This is kind of similar to number 2. I personally wouldn’t want to establish a relationship with a female that just got out of a relationship with her ex becuase I fear I would be cheated on. What is your opinion on a rebound relationship?

   LoveIsConfusing: You should check out my blog post Rushing Into A Relationship. To answer your question it is a risk. Now if you really like the person and you and them really vibe. You should first make sure that they are definitely over that person. Look for all the red flags. See if they bring their ex up alot and if they are still in constant contact with their ex. 

Also ask questions see why they broke up. Ask how long they been together. Those answers alone can tell you if the person is worth taking a chance on. I’ve dated someone in the past after they break up with someone and it lasted three years but now I honestly wouldn’t rush it. Take your time it might just save you from heartache in the future.

Poetry Blog: Since I don’t have any kids I wouldn’t want to date a single mother because it brings alot of unnecessary drama. What’s your opinion on single men with kids dating single mothers and vice versa single women with no kids daing single fathers?

LoveIsConfusing: Just like my last response. I say get as much information as you can. Look for the red flags doubly so for this one cause it’s alot trickier. If the other parent isn’t in their life it could be easier to commit.. But if the other man or woman is still there it could get uncomfortable. There could be jealously. The other parent might not want you around their kid. Or try to get back with them knowing they moved on. That could cause problems. 

   Also make sure that person wants you for you and not to fill the void of the babydad/babymom or just to have someone to take care of or watch the children. Me personally I’ve found woman with children to be more mature but usually the tradeoff is the drama that comes with it. So I tend to shy away from woman with children unless we really vibe and plus I don’t think I’m ready for children yet.

   Which leads me to a sidenote don’t mess with a someone with kids unless you are 100% commited to be with them. If you have even a little “hoeness” still in you. Leave them alone. Cause not only are you hurting the person you may also indirectly hurt the children. 

   These were very great questions I had fun answering. If you have more questions comment three or more below for me to answer along with anything you want promoted. Like, Share and Subscribe and remember “Love Is Confusing But We’ll Get Through It Together.”

6 thoughts on “LoveIsConfusing Q&A #2

  1. Thanks for the shoutout and I enjoyed reading your responses to my questions and it made sense.
    Really appreciate that.
    Hope u enjoy your thanksgiving break.

  2. Interesting insights. Fundamentally I think that both men and women are capable of leading in a relationship. It really comes down to personality.

  3. Loved your answer about a man leaving a woman alone who has children. When you date a single mother, you are really potentially dating her children. For those who desire a committed relationship, dating anyone who have kids is a package deal. So i liked when you said if you have a little hoeness in you, leave that person alone because it don’t hurt the person you are with, but the children as well.

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